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100 tools for Twittering

Twitter is fast becoming one of the more useful tools in the social media toolbox. Take some time to look and explore the tools, and then go sign up for a twitter account.

Here, we’ll take a look at 100 tools that can help twittering teachers make the most out of this helpful microblogging tool.

Sharing this link to 100 twitter applications and tools and a few links to Twitterers to follow:

Top 100 Tools for the Twittering.

This is the link where you can get every thing you wished to have with your twitter account. Well, we can't say these days twitter as micro blogging community but it would be lot better to say biggest social media community which is loved by every one no matters from the which industry and profession they are. Isn't it...

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I hope you will like these tools and information.

6 Tools Every Google Analytics User Should Have

6 Tools Every Google Analytics User Should Have

By Shawn Purtell, Google Analytics Support Tech

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool as it is - and it's always improving, but there are a lot of people out there that have created tools to make it even better.

In an effort to make everyone aware of these fantastic and easy-to-use tools, I've compiled a list of the ones we use everyday. If we missed one, or if you've got a great tool that we should add to the list, please let us know! We're always looking for ways to make Google Analytics easier to install and use. I hope you find them as useful as I do, and a big thank you goes out to each of the people responsible for these fantastic time-saving tools.

Here's the full list:

#1. Google Analytics Report Enhancer

Jeremy Aube - ROI Revolution

What It Does:

Here at ROI Revolution, we deal with Google Analytics every day in order to help our AdWords clients get the most out of their spend. Because we work so closely with Google Analytics, we noticed a few things that could be improved. Jeremy took this to another level by creating the Google Analytics Report Enhancer tool, which is a Greasemonkey Script that improves a bunch of things within Google Analytics (and Google Website Optimizer too!)

Here's a full list of the things this add-on does, but note that Jeremy adds more and more features to his tool all the time:

  • Adds account numbers when you are creating new profiles.
  • Makes created or edited goals active by default.
  • Provides you with subdomain and multiple domain code versions for any profile, for both Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer.
  • Adds approximate number of visits to Entrance Reports and Segmented Content Detail Reports
  • Adds raw number of conversions of each goal to the Goal Conversion tab on most reports.
  • Adds new segments to the Dimension drop-down list, including source/medium, transactions, affiliation, search terms, search categories, and more.
  • Adds True Time on Site to the the Site Usage tab on most reports.
  • Adds a logo to Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer that helps you keep the script up-to-date and alerts you to critical updates.
  • Provides ga.js version of the Google Website Optimizer scripts when creating a new experiment.
  • Bypasses A/B validation within Google Website Optimizer.

Where To Get It:

First, you'll have to install Greasemonkey, and then install Jeremy's script. You can find his most recent article about the tool and how to install it here.

#2. Google Analytics Business Notes

Chris Egner - EpikOne

What It Does:

This great tool allows you to make notes within your Google Analytics profiles. These notes can be about anything - changes to your Google Analytics account, changes to your business model, tests you are running, new priorities and goals - anything at all. It's a great way to keep track of changes to your business so that you can keep them in mind when viewing your Google Analytics data. It's simple to install and easy to use.

Where To Get It:

You can see the original article here, which details exactly what the tool does and how you can install it.

#3. Goal Copy

John Henson - LunaMetrics

What It Does:

John's awesome Firefox extension is a real time-saver if you need to set up multiple profiles within Google Analytics that share at least one goal. It lets you quickly copy up to four goals from one profile into as many other profiles as you want. It's a truly fantastic and useful tool.

Where To Get It:

You can find John's original article for details and instructions here.

#4. Cleaner GA Profile Switching

Erik V. - VKI Studios

What It Does:

Usually, when you switch from profile to profile within a Google Analytics account, you are taken back to the dashboard. This can be inconvenient when trying to get similar data from multiple profiles. Erik's Greasemonkey script let's you keep your report settings as you switch from profile to profile, allowing for quick and easily report navigation between profiles. It also provides you the option of opening up the new profile's report in a separate tab.

Where To Get It:

You can find the most recent blog article (as of this writing) detailing the functions and installation instructions here.

#5. Social Media Metrics

Erik V. - VKI Studios

What It Does:

This neat Greasemonkey script, also from Erik, allows you to see social media and link bait statistics for your specific pages. This is an especially useful add-on if you have a blog, or are trying to get more involved with social media and linking sites.

Where To Get It:

You can find Erik's most recent article and instructions for downloading the script here.

#6. Enhanced Google Analytics

Sal Uryasev - Juice Analytics

What It Does:

This is yet another Greasemonkey script, and like the others, adds some functionality to Google Analytics. This one allows you to see drastic changes in traffic from specific referring sites and keywords. This allows you to find spikes in traffic (for better or worse) and make adjustments quickly. It's a great little script that's easy to use.

Where To Get It:

You can find the most recent article on this script with installation instructions at the official site.

UPDATE 2/5/2009 - After a little research, I found out that VKI Studios has a nice Firefox add-on called Better Google Analytics that compiles some of the above scripts and a few additional ones together. You can find this add-on on the VKI Studios site.

UPDATE 2/6/2009 - I'm adding one more to the list - we'll call it #7.

#7. Google Docs Integration

Michael Freeman - Spanish Gringo


What It Does:

This Greasemonkey script allows you to export data directly into Google docs. Although I haven't used this one too much myself, I have heard very positive things about it. This script is also part of the Better Google Analytics Firefox add-on mentioned above.

Where To Get It:

The original article from Michael's blog can be found here.

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Courtesy: roirevolution.com

Goolge Search and environmental impact: Study is Crap

The Study Report has been refused by Google.

This was the report which was only targeted to get cheap publicity.

I did not even think about air pollution through web search usage and was absolutely a crap.

Harvard professor Alex Wissner-Gross has provided new details on his energy research, in a TechNewsWorld article.

I believe lets ended up this issue which has no any significant measurement of records on internet carbon study.

Official Google Blog: Powering a Google search: "this"

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Social bookmarking websites list having 1000 websites

I found recently a huge list of Social bookmarking websites.

This Social bookmarking websites list having 1000 websites.

Enjoy this extra ordinary list of social bookmarking sites.

1000 Social BookMarking Websites:


* del.icio.us

* digg

* technorati.com

* blinklist

* ma.gnolia

* furl.net

* diigo

* complore

* tallstreet

* gamingtags

* indiagramindex.php

* goesby

* teachershare.orgopenig

* chaamp

* a1-webmarks

* tektag

* bookmark.it

* wirefan

* linkatopia

* optimiz.us

* web20toolbar

* tagtoogadb.tag

* linklog.nl

* wykop.pl

* ineffabile.it

* blogmarks.net

* reddit

* myweb2.search.yahoo

* connotea.org

* taggly

* otavo

* joel.reddit

* i89.us

* shadows

* backflipdir_start.ihtml

* meme-stream

* getboo

* blogmemes.net

* myweb.yahoo.com

* netvouz

* lilisto

* linkologia.pl

* bloglot

* segnalo.alice.it?

* h2obeta.law.harvard.edu

* lookmarks

* lifeslot

* 30daytagsfresh

* imp.etuo.us

* de.lirio.us

* motor.crispynews

* linuxquestions.orgbookmarks

* dinnerbuzz

* givealink.orgcgi-pubmainPagesindex.cgi

* leze.de

* librarything

* linkblog.com.br

* linkfilter.net

* memestreams.nettopics

* oyaxl

* urlex.info

* web-feeds.com

* bloghop

* browsr

* mybookmark.gokodo

* rojo

* bibsonomy.org

* blogmarks.net

* bookmarktracker

* buddymarks

* connectedy

* ez4u.net

* freelink.org

* fungow.com

* gravee

* ww2.ikeepbookmarks

* markaboo.com

* mobleo.net

* www2.myhq

* mylinkvault

* mypiphome

* myvmarks.com

* pixelmo

* searchles

* shoppersbase

* socialbookmarking.org

* syncone.net

* startaid.com

* zoogim

* bwsmith.com

* aboogy.com

* socialbookmarkingsite

* Blogmemes.com

* BlueDot.com

* diigo.com

* putvote.com

* tagcloud9

* prosocialbookmarking

* niallkennedyblog

* kinja.com

* news.netscape.com

* stunmbleupon.com

* newsvine.com

* tailrank

* reader2

* myprogs.net

* oyax

* feedmelinks.com

* https:sourceforge.net

* xlmark

* winklinks

* 2centsnewsshakeit.php

* rollyo.com

* dealoid.com

* openwire.com

* Looklater.com

* Markaboo.com

* Rawsugar.com

* Shadows.com

* Simpy.com

* Spur.com

* Wink.com

* mootion

* digstock

* dotnetkicks

* indianpad

* motorpulse.com

* mp3rama.com

* sportsflip.com

* newsgarbage

* spymy.com

* tutorialism

* wedigsports.com

* strobe.org

* oks.ph

* apbnews

* braindigg.com

* bythemasses.com

* business-planet.net

* 180n.com

* tagza

* 30daytags.com

* adaptiveblue.com

* allmyfavorites.net

* ambedo.com

* articaltag.com

* articletag.com

* ask.com

* aworldofhelp.com

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* beanrocket.com

* beta.blogger.com

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* blabb.com

* blinkbits.com

* blinklist.com

* blogdex.net

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* blogmarks.net

* blogmemes.net

* blogpulse.com

* blogsearch.com

* blogsoftheday.com

* blogtopsites.com

* bloogz.com

* blue.us

* bluedot.us

* blummy.com

* bmaccess.net

* bookkit.com

* bookmarket.it

* bookmarks.blauerbote.com

* bookmarks.linuxquestions.org

* browsr.com

* buddymarks.com

* butterflyproject.nl

* buzznet.com

* cgi.fark.com

* chaamp.com

* chipmark.com

* citeulike.org

* clipclip.com

* clipclip.org

* clipmarks.com

* cloudalicio.us

* cluebacca.com

* co.mments.com

* codecubed.com

* commontimes.org

* complore.com

* connectedy.com

* connotea.org

* daypop.com

* de.lirio.us

* del.icio.us

* digg.com

* diigo.com

* dinnerbuzz.com

* dohat.com

* eigology.com

* erational.org

* esnips.com

* facebook.com

* fanpop.com

* fantacular.com

* fark.com

* fatredfish.com

* favoor.com

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* findory.com

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* flipskipper.com

* flock.com

* frassle.net

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* fungow.com

* furl.net

* gada.be

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* goesby.com

* goobtoob.com

* googlenotebook

* goowy.com

* gravee.com

* guicookies.com

* hanzoweb.com

* hyperlinkomatic.com

* i89.us

* icerocket.com

* icio.de

* igooi.com

* ikeepbookmarks.com

* imp.etuo.us

* indiagram.com

* indiahappening.com

* indiamarks.com

* indiza.com

* inspiredrepublic.com

* jeteye.com

* joel.reddit.com

* jots.com

* kaboodle.com

* kbcafe.com

* kinja.com

* kmfavorites.com

* kopikol.net

* kuro5hin.org

* leze.de

* librarything.com

* lifelogger.com

* lifeslot.com

* lilisto.com

* linkagogo.com

* linkarena.com

* linkatopia.com

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* linkfilter.net

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* listible.com

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How to make press release seo friendly

On an average business day, more than 2,000 press releases are distributed by the five leading wire services in the United States – Business Wire, Marketwire, PrimeNewswire, PR Newswire, and PRWeb. What can you do to set your press release apart from the pack and allow your target audience to find you? Implement the use of search engine optimization, or SEO.

To put it simply, when someone Googles you or your company, where do you show up in the search results?

SEO allows you to:

• Garner media coverage
• Create quality keyword anchor backlinks for your website. (Check out: Creating Website Backlinks and Anchor Texts)
• Rank in Google and Yahoo News for your keywords
• Bring content to your audience

While the use of SEO leads to increased visibility and ultimately more views of press releases, it is imperative to remember that you write first and foremost for YOUR AUDIENCE – the most important “traffic” of all. It is too easy to forget the individual consumer and begin to write for the general masses. The tips below are meant to ease you into the world of SEO, but not take you away from what matters most—see #10.

1. Don’t use jargon!

Regardless of SEO, you need to tell your story for your customers. Find out how your audience is searching for you and your competitors via search engines. Use these terms in your release.

Tip: Can’t stop the jargon train? Try the old fashioned way—ask someone outside of your industry to proof your release. If they don’t understand it, change it.

2. Use key words

This is especially important in your headlines. An example of what I deem a great headline—Google Big Daddy Searchquake About to Rock Your Ranking? Go ahead and type this headline in Google, it comes up as the top ranking and makes for an easy search. (Important keywords: Google, Big Daddy and ranking) While there are many tools out there, try using a keyword search tool to make your life a little easier. (Know your keywords before you write even one word of your release!)

TIP: While a difficult task, ensure that keywords are not too far apart from one another in the headline.

3. Hotlink and bold critical words (and phrases)

A simple, but extremely useful habit. Just as important as using keywords, bold other critical (or secondary) words and phrases in the release and include a link to additional information. Hotlinks are useful for both consumers and journalists. Links offer the reader a choice to explore for additional information.

TIP: Another simple best practice. ALWAYS include the http:// portion of the URLs in your release or the link will not be clickable when published.

4. Research free SEO tools

I don’t know about you, but I’m still learning about SEO. Therefore, I rely heavily on trusted experts and free tools to learn more. Try out these SEO tools (if you don’t like them, try a search of your own and share what you learn in the comments, below).

5. Use anchor links

Include anchor text links with your keywords. Using anchor links increases your chance of driving viewers back to your Web site.

TIP: Make sure at least one of the keywords links to a page on your Web site other than the homepage.

6. Optimize first 250 words

The first 250 words of your release are essential to both your overall search results and it’s also about the time you will lose a reader if your content is not interesting. You want your release to be “clickable”—meaning someone wants to click on the release to read more. Practice the basics of press release writing. Make sure tips 1-5 are incorporated into the first 250 words!

TIP: Always write your releases in third-person perspective.

7. Patience

If you’re reading this my bet is that you haven’t mastered SEO tactics. That’s okay. I must often remind myself that writing is an evolving skill. Just as it took time to hone your press release writing skills, so too will it take time to learn SEO.

TIP: Set up a learning schedule for yourself. I currently read one new article about SEO each day.

8. Engage customers, journalists and bloggers

Do you rely heavily on behind the scenes, third party or Internet-based research? Try something new (or old) and take it to the streets. Ask your customers, industry bloggers and beat reporters what they search for. Not only does it give you credible feedback, but reminds your community that you value their feedback.

TIP: Send out a personal email or call your favorite customers, journalists and/or bloggers to get their opinions. It’s an investment in your future (and theirs).

9. Write great copy

As a PR professional, incorporating the use of SEO only forces me to be a stronger writer and improves my overall content. Brush up on your writing. You’ll thank me.

TIP: Don’t include a date in your release. It makes your information seem outdated and ultimately hurts your credibility.

10. Be newsworthy

Be the content that intests your audience NOT that which interrupts them. I can’t stress this point enough, if you don’t have a good story to tell, no amount of SEO will help you. What is the impact of your information? What is your news angle? WHY DOES IT MATTER TO ME?

TIP: Ask yourself before writing the release, “why would my mother, brother or aunt care about this?”

Originally Written By: Sarah

Youtube Deep Link - Direct Link to Specific Time of Youtube Videos

Youtube Deep Link - Direct Link to Specific Time of Youtube Videos

YouTube has introduced a great feature called “deep link”. It’s a feature that lets you link directly to a specific time-frame within the video. For example, if the video is 5 minutes long and you want to show your friend from 2nd minute 15 seconds onwards...

Read more story at my friends Ades Blog.

YouTube’s new feature “deep link” fails usability

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How to Find a Good SEO Company

How to Find a Good SEO Company?

For most online buyers and sellers, it's a simple objective The higher the search engine rankings positions they achieves the higher the business and inquires they produce.

Its logical a question should be raised by online merchant how can I increase my search engine ranking positions? How can I boost my ranking on appropriate and relevant searcj terms ASAP?

Many business people pay for higher rank using certain keywords by spending thousands of dollars every month on pay per click advertising campaign. What he will do when he has no more money to spend on PPC campaign, does he able to find his website on top of search engines? The answer would be No. A magic really required for his website which stabilize his website for targeted search terms in organic search engine listings.

The question is how to get higher organic search engine listings? At this point, you need real expertise to get a high organic ranking. Knowing this, many business owners hire search engine optimization experts to review their site and direct changes in hopes that it'll improve their ranking in natural search results, where they do not required to pay for a single penny on click of website listed in search engines.

How do you hire an expert in SEO? Whom do you hire to increase SERP rankings on specific search terms? SEO is a very big industry; it's hard to know the good SEO Experts or SEO Company. There are lots of scamp SEO professionals and companies they are claiming for what they can’t do.

It's even possible that a merchant thinks a person as an SEO specialist, but hasn't kept up with the ever changing search engine tactics. Using last year's techniques won't optimize performance. He or she should be able to kept both advance and conventional SEO tactics for improving search engine rankings.

It's tough stuff for a person who is seeking SEO to make a choice. The fees range wildly, and a higher price doesn't always buy more expertise. How much should merchants expect to pay? And what, exactly, should they expect an SEO firm to actually do? Don’t ever go with some one who provides at lowest prices in industry. You won’t expect from him as much as you can from a professional SEO Company.

The SEO business has more scam artists than most industries. The scammers are definitely out there and they're everywhere, Many merchants being cheated at web master forums, where people tend to discuss for what they are not knowing about and merchants wants to find SEO services as much as lowest rates they can, and there they get cheated.

In the last two years there's been a huge saturation in the market, with people who just saw where the money is and started saying they offer search marketing services, and they're kind of figuring it out as they go.

You'll get these companies that will get your site ranked highly for keyword phrases, and they can show you past clients where they've ranked them highly for keyword phrases. But what you don't know as a small business consumer is that those phrases are not being searched for by people, so you may get those rankings but no traffic or sales from them. This is the most common reason for ruination of your marketing campaign.

Warning Signs
Warning against SEO Companies that offer guaranteed ranking.

You don't find offers of guaranteed placement from most of the reputable firms. Almost to affirm it, they'll say, 'We can't guarantee results and anyone that would is a charlatan.

A good company, first of all, knows that they can't guarantee that they'll get you into the top page of results. Nobody can do that. They can work, and make changes, and that might very well be what happens, and certainly pricing might be based on what's achievable in the end.

But a really good company will be stressing that it's not that they get you on the page for any specific result, it's that they're going to be driving you traffic that's going to drive you sales.

If you want to be found for an extremely specific term An SEO firm can get you on the first page of search results if you don't mind the fact that you're showing up for 'east Michigan kitchen supplies for small kitchens. But of course such a narrow niche might not be valuable (then again, it might be excellent, depending on your business).

Another red flag to watch out for is firms that won't tell you what they're going to do, be wary of the 'black box' — like, 'We have all these magic secrets, and if you pay us a bunch of money we'll use them, but we can't tell you what they are.

They should be able to tell you exactly what they're doing and how much the cost is for various parts of the service.

Adding confusion, not only are there 'black hat' and 'white hat' methods of SEO, there are also 'gray hat' methods, Low notes. These are techniques that aren't exactly unethical, but they're short term and produce little real gain.

If you run into a situation where the vendor is trying to do anything that is deceptive in any way, shape or form, where they're trying to deliver something the user is never going to see [like hidden keywords] then that's not a path you want to do down.

One of the tricks of unscrupulous SEO firms is to take their client's money and spend part of it on some form of paid search without their client's knowledge.

Traffic begins to increase quickly, of course. However, all of a sudden you're paying these fees, but you're not realizing who you're paying, And the very day the person stops paying, traffic starts to fade. The SEO firm seems to have them in a vise grip either keeps paying us, or your search engine presence will disappear.

It's as important when a business person hires an SEO firm as which firm they hire. The best time to outsource SEO help is right before a major site redesign. If a merchant doesn't call an SEO firm until after re launch, you’re building your problems into the site.

By getting your SEO firm involved with the rebuild, you can avoid pitfalls, like excessive use of Flash, HTML frames or graphics that work against search visibility. SEO concerns should be a central driver to a rebuild, not an after of fact add on.

Regardless of when you hire an SEO expert, your own site's size is a key determinant of which firm to hire. There is no 'one size fits all SEO vendor. A small three to four person SEO shop would be swamped by a huge corporate account.

The problem is that many SEO firms sell what they have, not what is good for you, In other words, it is up to the person to decide if an SEO firm is the right size and has the right approach. The firms themselves will always say take the job, regardless of these issues, as long as a person can pay their fees.

When talking to an SEO firm, make sure you're not just talking with the sales reps, cautions Low. Talk to the people who are actually going to be doing the work, and get a sense of what they're doing and what requires for achieving targeted goals by following recommendations.

To truly understand how to hire an SEO firm, it helps if a merchant knows the rudiments of SEO even if they plan on outsourcing all their search work. People are always afraid of it, because the think it's such a mystery, and it's Google and the algorithm is complicated. And it is complicated, but the techniques for quality link building and quality SEO is really not rocket science or a magic.

Merchants can take an important first step and save money by beginning their keyword research themselves. E business owners can use tools like the keyword selector of Google adwords and Word Tracker to find out which keywords consumers use when searching for their products. SEO firms will be using the same tools that you could use, but they'll do it for you they're going to use Google keyword selector tool and Word Tracker just like everyone else. A merchant who's equipped with some preliminary keyword research can tell their SEO firm, this is what I'm interested in, these terms don't apply to me, and these keywords are very important for us. To be sure, a good SEO expert will be able to find or develop terms the business owner won't think of, but the more you can be involved with your own keyword research, the better.

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Canned Responses in G Mail Canned Response

Hello, you've reached Chad's mailbox. Thanks for your email about the latest Labs feature: Canned Responses, or email for the truly lazy. I'm on paternity leave so I won't be able to respond personally. Instead, I hope you'll enjoy this automated message.

If you're sick of typing out the same reply every time someone emails you with a common question, now you can compose your reply once and save the message text with the "Canned responses" button. Later, you can open that same message and send it again and again.

It couldn't get any easier unless Gmail automatically pushed the Send button. If you're lazy enough to think that would be a good idea, then read on, friend.

Gmail already lets you create filters based on a combination of keywords, sender, recipients, and more in your incoming messages. Turn on Canned Responses in Labs, and you can set a filter to grab one of your saved responses, create an automated reply, and hit the Send button for you.

You can set up different automated messages for different keywords, just like you said you wanted. (We're friends, so I trust you to use this power responsibly.)

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Canned Responses

Your Website Rankings - What it All Means

If you have a website, especially one for your business, chances are you've heard the terms "search engine optimization" and "Google PageRank" thrown around at the water cooler. And if you work with some real techy- types, maybe you've even heard some buzz about "algorithms". But knowing the lingo is one thing. Understanding what it all means-quite another. The good news is you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the basics of Google's ranking system.

First, you need to know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means. SEO is the process of revising, tweaking, and 'optimizing' your website in order to increase its rankings on the major search engines. So how exactly does PageRank work? That's where it gets a little technical. But stay with me...

Google rates websites in two ways: relevance and PageRank. The relevance of a website is determined when Google's programs (known as web crawlers or spiders) "read" through the content of a website looking for certain keywords that are specific to the type of website it is. This is why the more quality, pertinent content a website has, the more relevance Google gives it.

PageRank is the second aspect of Google's system that rates any specific website on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being the least quality and 10 being the best. So why is so much value placed on a website's PageRank number? That's simple - because the highest ranked sites show up first when someone does a search on Google or Yahoo.

For example, let's say you own a business in New York City that specializes in custom kitchen designs. Someone looking for that type of service types "Kitchen Design New York City" into Google's search engine and hits enter. The highest ranked site will show up first on the search results. And human nature tells us that most people will start clicking from the top down. Therefore, the higher your PageRank, the higher on the search results your site shows up, and the more potential business you will receive.

So we know PageRank is important, but how exactly does Google determine which sites rank the highest? There are several ways, but the most value is placed by determining how many other websites link to your site. The more inbound links to your website, the higher your ranking will be. To further narrow down the results, Google goes so far as to rate outbound links to your site based on the credibility of the site that provided it (Fittingly, they determine that site's credibility based on its PageRank number). The higher the ranking of the site that links to yours, the more valuable it is to increasing your own PageRank number.

So what about those algorithms? Actually it's not as technical as it sounds. Basically, Google's PageRank system is calculated on a logarithmic scale, which simply means that there is a set formula for the difference between each level of their PageRank system. In other words, a PageRank of 1 has a specific "base" logarithm that when multiplied by a certain power or exponent brings you to the next PageRank level. Google frequently changes their base algorithms, which sometimes results in a change in PageRank for your website. The good news is, if you follow "organic" SEO practices (which means you optimize your website via natural methods, such as content building and legitimate outbound link building) your PageRank should remain stable even with algorithm changes.

Speaking of organic SEO, while there are certainly varying opinions on the topic, most reputable SEO companies agree that organic is best. Like much in life, cutting corners and trying to buck the system when it comes to SEO won't work long term.

Now that you know a little more of the inside scoop on Google's PageRank system, the next time you're at the water cooler you can toss around words like Algorithms, SEO, and link building with confidence because you actually understand what it means!

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Your-Website-Rankings---What-it-All-Means&id=1593448

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Do-Follow Blogs (Do follow Blogs) List

Hello Web Mates,

I have list out here Do Follow Blogs (Do-follow Blogs) for effective Do-follow Link Building.

I suggest you not to do over link building and you may get banned from commenting in these blogs.

One more thing i would like to suggest you guys, Comment in your relevant niche otherwise it won't be benefited for your website.

300 Do Follow Blogs

http://www.memwg.com  - PR 5
http://www.algojunkie.com - PR 3
http://compsci.ca/blog - PR5
http://dag.wieers.com PR6
http://www.bumpzee.com PR6
http://what-is-what.com - PR2

http://nspeaks.com - PR3
http://www.organicseo.in - PR3
http://www.centerosvita.org - PR3
http://www.asotn.com - PR3
http://www.rishabhsood.net - PR0
http://www.larsbachmann.dk - PR3
http://xiirus.net - PR3
http://nthambazale.blogspot.com - PR3
http://bytecoders.homelinux.com - PR3
http://www.reviewerofsites.com - PR3
http://infodotnet.blogspot.com - PR3
http://www.seodiva.net - PR3
http://www.ipopho.com/ - PR3
http://blogsthatmakemoney.net - PR2
http://axog.blogspot.com/ - PR2
http://jmorris.name/ - PR2
http://deaneonlinesecrets.blogspot.com/ - PR1
http://www.lifeintherough.com - PR4
http://www.thedailyfuzz.com -PR2
http://heiseidemocracy.com PR 5
http://www.expertcruiser.com PR 5
http://www.shandyking.com/ PR 5
http://heiseidemocracy.com PR 5
http://www.expertcruiser.com PR 5
http://www.shandyking.com PR 5
http://www.dotsauce.com PR 5
http://sphinn.com PR 5
http://randaclay.com/blog/i-follow/ PR 5
http://blogs.speech-writers.com PR4
www.searchenginepeople.com/blog PR4
http://freeadblogger.blogspot.com PR4
http://allrealestateproperty.blogspot.com PR4
http://mythoughtsideasandramblings.com PR2
http://davedragon.rilysi.com PR2
http://www.fatmanunleashed.com PR2

I have listed 300 Do Follow Blogs Here.

These Do Follow Blogs Will help you in your Link building process.

If you have more do follow blogs or do follow blogs list,

Than please add it in comment area. I will add in my list.

I will add your do follow Blogs or do follow Blogs list on my Blog.

Enjoy this comprehensive and huge list of Do Follow Blogs.


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